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Thank you for considering to volunteer. The process is simple and quick. Our probes avoid testing when your traffic is busy, we never monitor your use, but need to look for the presence of traffic only when testing. You may simply register here and we will send you our monthly report when it is published using the Mailchimp tool (so you can control your subscription simply if you wish), if you do not proceed as a volunteer we keep in touch.

We need Volunteer Panelists here at present:

ISP Technology Region(s)
Vodafone ADSL or Standard speed copper Canterbury, Otago, Waikato / Bay of Plenty
  VDSL or High speed copper As Above
Spark ADSL or Standard speed copper Wellington, Waikato / Bay of Plenty
Snap ADSL or Standard speed copper Auckland, Waikato / Bay of Plenty
  VDSL or High speed copper Canterbury, Otago
Slingshot ADSL or Standard speed copper Waikato / Bay of Plenty
Orcon ADSL or Standard speed copper Canterbury, Bay of Plenty
  VDSL or High speed copper Canterb












The process of volunteering is relatively painless, but avoiding scammers adds a little complexity.  The process is:

  1. Click below to create your account
  2. Once your account has been created (and we have confirmed you are not a bot) you can request to be a Volunteer.
  3. You will need to let us know where you are, who your ISP is and the plan you are on.
  4. We will then send you an Address Verification letter to ensure we are sending our valuable router to the correct address.
  5. You verify and we post you a probe (bridged router with double strength wifi)
  6. This will put you in the pool of accounts we select from as new probes are needed.

Once your account has been accepted as a Volunteer you will see new sections on the website;

The My Reports section will give you a view into the data that you are contributing.

The Forum is available for you to chat about TrueNet, the data, the tech, request non-urgent support and general discussion.

You can also update your details in your profile. Importantly, you can change the amount of data we use, instantly, as many times a day if you wish.  We offer several options, 1, 3, 5, 10 or 30 GB/month or Unlimited testing.  

For Rural broadband, especially Wireless and Satelite, we have two very low use options, 500MB and 1GB per month, using smaller tests less often that are reliable at lower speeds, this usage reduces to under 150MBytes for specific ISPs where we have a zero-rate agreement for our file servers.



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