Upload Speed - August 2015

Upload Speed for August 2015

Upload Speed - Performance

Upload speed is important to users sending large amounts of data through the internet, or loading files to the Cloud.   TrueNet's upload test sends a 1MB file to our Wellington server, and records the results using a similar method to the download tests, but measured from Wellington only.

By Technology

All technologies achieve very close to advertised speeds.  Fibre achieves the fastest Upload speeds, the average 50Mb/s service speed was down a small amount this month, with 20Mb/s and 10Mb/s Fibre exceeding Advertised Speed on average. 

Chart 10: Upload Performance by Technology

Upload Time of Day Performance - by ISP

Spark fibre upload speeds are not only rock solid, but also exceed their advertised speeds. The 10Mb/s product was measured at 12Mb/s and the 20Mb/s product at 26Mb/s.   Vodafone Cable results also show very consistent ToD performance. 

In Chart 11, the 50Mb/s services from 2Degrees and Orcon have a dip in the evening period, as does Vodafone 20Mb/s fibre services. This represents a change from last month. 

Unfortunately, we have an almost even split of 50 or 20Mb/s products for MyRepublic, so cannot report upload speeds yet, so too with Orcon 20Mb/s product.  Orcon & MyRepublic are the majority of the 20Mb/s "Other" category, while Spark, MyRepublic, and Voyager make up the majority of 50Mb/s "Other".

Chart 11: Fibre & Cable ToD Upload Speed by ISP


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