Unlimited Naked Fast Copper Prices (VDSL)

Ordinary Telephone Line Broadband

Prices Last Updated on 3rd of July 2017

Unlimited Fast (VDSL) Copper Prices, with speeds up to 70Mb/s (Average 25Mb/s) have been available for about 5 years. The prices below show current prices for VDSL from the major ISPs including unlimited data but excluding a phone line.  VDSL is compared with ADSL in previous TrueNet reports, especially here.

VDSL is undergoing a major update in performance, with speeds increasing for existing connections from very little up to 50%.  The schedule for this update is unknown, but well underway.

Packages can change prices, but it is too complex for us to compare these due to multiple variations which make all comparisons subject to personal preference.

Chart 1: VDSL Prices

Links to prices in alphabetical order:





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