International Speed

May 2016

International Speed Performance

TrueNet regularly measures the speed between servers in Sydney and Dallas and each panelist's probe by downloading a 1MB file, ensuring the file is not held in New Zealand (cached).

The results reported show the average of probes during the 2 hour evening busy period from 8pm to 10pm, when congestion is likely to be observed. "Other ISPs" represents a number of ISPs with insufficient panelists to allow reporting individually.

Please Note: Due to unusual Dallas test results for some Fibre and Cable probes, Dallas results are not published in Chart 1 below.  

Chart 1: Fibre & Cable Speed  from Sydney 8PM to 10PM

ADSL and VDSL (Low and High speed copper) speeds vary between each panelist connection, having no fixed service speed. Therefore the speed in Chart 2 is referenced to the average NZ download speed of each ISP (all hours). 

Chart 2: ADSL, VDSL File Speed 8PM to 10PM



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