Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 16:45

Demand vs Supply Issues Continue

The May report noted that congestion issues seen since March 2015 appeared to be on the mend and mostly gone. Matching the capacity requirements of consumers is an imperfrect art, and this month there are lingering signs of contention in the evening period. However, network congestion is still better than that experienced a couple months ago.

We include an Other ISP group this month, where we group results from 62 panelists on 19 ISPs.  As a group they are the worst performers on all technologies and tests, although while some are not very good, others are able to deliver as good as the best.

Fibre provisioning errors are so frequent TrueNet has resorted to holding back on reporting results until we have confirmed with a panelist that they have the correct service.  ISPs need to ensure they are filling orders correctly more often.

DNS Response Time and Latency is reported this month, looking at the difference between North and South Islands. The South Island has greater latency to test points because of greater physical distance, but DNS times show that some ISPs provide for customers better than others.


Monday, June 22, 2015 - 15:10

New Zealand data use soared immediately Netflix launched in mid March 2015, according to Spark, and over the next two months there was not enough capacity for supply to meet demand on some ISPs connections we monitor.  But by May the shortfall in supply was mostly satisfied, just a month and a half after the NetFlix launch, demonstrating the highly competitive nature of the ISP market in New Zealand.

Rural Broadband is reported this month with a fresh look at Satellite which, despite high latency, manages to achieve website downloads competitive with ADSL.

Monday, May 25, 2015 - 16:59
ISP Evening Performance down for all TrueNet Tests

April results continue with the same pattern as March where peak evening performance was down from the previous long term trend. TrueNet measurements show reduced speed for file downloads from almost all locations we measure on some ISPs.  Increased time to download websites is now featuring strongly, supporting the probablility there is congestion in some networks. 

April is worse than March, and we have yet to see whether this is the bottom of the cycle where investment in network capacity resolves congestion.

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 16:12
TV Streaming Impacts ISP Performance?

The market for television and movies on the Internet (Over-the-Top-Technology, or OTT) suddenly took off this year, and March appears to be the month that demand started to impact supply.  

While Most ISPs would have increased capacity to prepare for the extra demand, it would appear the balance of supply and demand we have seen for many months is no longer present.  In March, both Vodafone and Slingshot had severe DSL performance reductions during the peak demand hours of 8pm to 10pm, while Snap and Spark also dropped significantly.  


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