Webpage Speed - January 2017

January 2017

Live Webpage Performance

TrueNet measures the download size and average time taken to download a selection of Webpages in NZ, Australia and the USA.

These charts show the comparison of average download speeds of a selection of Webpages from the three countries, presented as averages by Time of Day. The ISP results include ISP Fibre or Cable services with advertised speed of 100Mb/s or greater.

These pages are intended to compare NZ with Singapore, but unfortunately the IDA (Singapore regulator) do not report website download times. 

Chart 1: NZ Live Webpage Average Speed - in Mb/s


Chart 2: US Live Webpage Average Speed - in Mb/s


Chart 3: Australia Live Webpage Average Speed - in Mb/s

Live Webpages in January Results - NZ:  Kiwibank, NZTA, Priceme, Radio NZ, Real Estate, Scoop, The Warehouse.  Australia: Bureau of Meteorology,  Nine News, SMH.  USA: ABC7 - LA, Aliexpress, Daily News, Diply, Netflix, Vice, Wikipedia



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