Chorus Responds to TrueNet Challenge

ISPs can soon deliver 100Mb/s over Chorus UFB:

Last November TrueNet published an article comparing LFC's but a lot of focus was on the actual speeds being less that those advertised, due to a technical definition.  

The Christchurch LFC, Enable solved that problem in December by offering 106Mb/s to their ISPs who were then able to on-sell a true 100Mb/s;  TrueNet reported that improvement in an article titled "Enable beats Chorus & UFF to 100Mb/s"

Chorus recently published their planned response with a new product called Chorus Accelerate - pdf attached below now

"Chorus Accelerate Fibre products will also be slightly over-specified for their speeds, meaning that Retail Service Providers can be confident that if they pay for 100Mbps as a wholesale product, the end user will see 100Mbps.

This is a catchup to match the rest of the market, we notice that not only has Enable made 100Mb/s available at the ISP end, but also UFF achieved that since December 2013.  Chorus had not achieved that speed on any probes during April 2014.

April 2014 performance by LFC

Amongst TrueNet volunteers with Fibre probes a consistent pattern is emerging even where few probes exist.  April data showed just two probes on the 100Mb/s service, 1 x Enable and 1 x UFF, reaching 100Mb/s consistently.  Further, nearly all  Enable & UFF probes on the 30Mb/s service measured 30Mb/s or better.

With the new Chorus proposal to allow "over-specified" products we expect a significant change for those services delivered through their network.

Chart 1 LFC performance by Product:

Chart 1 shows UFF well ahead in delivering 100Mb/s, but that is also due to the small number of probes.  Just three on 100Mb/s with only 1 achieving 100Mb/s.  Enable has a similar story but the other probes were slower. 

We cannot read a lot into each LFC result with only 3 probes per LFC, however the non-Chorus average in both 100Mb/s and all 12 x 30Mb/s non-Chorus probes are well above those of Chorus in April.

TrueNet will continue to advocate for improved service and accurate product presentation in the NZ market.  Check out more articles here

You can help by volunteering here.  We are especially looking for Telecom fibre (UFB) customers.


LFC - Local Fibre Company, the entities given subsidised, monopoly supply rights for the provision of fibre connections between consumers and ISPs in various regions.  They include Chorus, UFF or Ultra Fast Fibre, Enable and Northpower


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