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TrueNet is keen to increase the number of volunteers to our tester database.  We started with friends, family and colleagues, but we are now ready to expand to enable the level of accuracy demanded for commentaries on the performance of broadband to be accurate and reliable.

Our testers will be sent a router that they simply plug into their first Ethernet socket in their network, replug all their other ethernet devices into our router, turn on and bingo tests are automatic.  We can update testing remotely so no need to do anything else.


Help us compare broadband performance in New Zealand or Australia; in return we provide you with a double reach Wifi on our probe PLUS charts that show your connection performance compared to others on your ISP.

What TrueNet does »

We measure internet performance, with over 400 volunteers throughout NZ in conjunction with the Commerce commission.

We collate and analyse these tests  to provide information to consumers about the quality of New Zealands' internet.

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TrueNet's successful monthly report comparing Internet Service Providers, is sponsored by The NZ Commerce Commission.



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