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Prices of Internet Services Compared

The charts below compare the prices of Unlimited, Naked services across the major ISPs.  

**To see the price ISP technology wise, Please click the drop down box in the interactive chart below.

 This page is dedicated to monthly updates of Naked, unlimited products in each technology and each ISP that we report on.

Any "special" pricing is ignored for the purposes of this comparison, eg a lower price for a minimum period or and "gift" associated with the product, such as a router, wifi or free period.

The addition of a phone-line is relatively straight-forward, a simple VoIP line will provide service for very little extra. eg

Packages can change prices, but it is too complex for us to compare these due to multiple variations which make all comparisons subject to personal preference.


ADSL Prices: Unlimited Slow (ADSL2+) Copper Prices, with speeds up to 24Mb/s (Average 9Mb/s) have been available for 10 years and for the earlier version ADSL1, for 5 years prior to that. The charts show current prices for ADSL, whether 2+ or 1, from the major ISPs for unlimited data excluding a phone line.  

VDSL Prices: Unlimited Fast (VDSL) Copper Prices, with speeds up to 70Mb/s (Average 25Mb/s) have been available for about 5 years. The charts show current prices for VDSL from the major ISPs including unlimited data but excluding a phone line. 

Fibre 30/10 (Minimum Speed): The slowest Fibre at 30Mb/s is very comparable to VDSL speeds, averaging 25Mb/s.  However VDSL can achieve 40Mb/s up to 1km from the exchange. We have ceased reporting 30Mb/s fibre becasue it is not being offered by many ISPs

Fibre 100/20 (Standard Speed): The price for the most popular 100/20Mb/s service is usually about $10/month more than the 30/10 price.

Fibre 200/20 (Fast): The unlimited 200/20 Mb/s product is the most popular with mid-range price between the GigE price and 100/20.

Fibre GigE (Full Speed FS/FS): Unlimited naked GigE is now offered by all major ISP's with download speed on a connection where the line is as fast as the GigE line will allow.  That does not mean 1000Mb/s, because that is not possible due to overheads and the probability that the network is just not big enough to handle that sort of speed.  We see GigE like DSL, ie "as fast as your line will allow", however would rewrite to be "as fast as the internet will allow"

UFB - Ultra Fast Broadband or the fibre rollout that is being partly funded by the NZ government to supply fibre connections to all urban residences.

Naked - the term applied to lines that do not have a phone line included - often users revert to mobile phones or an internet phone line (VoIP).

Unlimited - The term used to imply that there is no limit to the amount of data consumed by the user.


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-Prices Last Updated on 2nd of October 2017


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