International Speed - January 2016

International Speed Performance

TrueNet regularly measures the speed between servers in Sydney and Dallas and each panelist's probe by downloading a 1MB file, ensuring the file is not held in New Zealand (cached).

The results reported show the average of probes during the 2 hour evening busy period from 8pm to 10pm, when congestion is likely to be observed. "Other ISPs" respresents a number of ISPs with insufficient panelists to allow reporting individually.

Chart 1: Fibre & Cable Speed  8PM to 10PM

ADSL and VDSL speeds vary between each panelist connection, having no fixed service speed. Therefore the speed in Chart 2 is referenced to the average NZ download speed of each ISP (all hours). 

Chart 2: ADSL, VDSL File Speed 8PM to 10PM



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