International Latency - July 2016

July 2016

International Latency Measurements

Latency is the measurement of how long it takes a packet to be sent to one of our test servers  and then returned back to you. This can effectively be thought of as the responsiveness of the connection between your home and our servers on the Internet. International latency measurements are made to Sydney, Melbourne, Dallas USA, and England.

List of Charts:

  • Sydney Latency Results
  • Melbourne Latency Results
  • USA Latency Results
  • UK Latency Results

Australia: Sydney Results

Chart 1: Sydney latency for past 3 months (boldest most recent)

Chart 2: Sydney, Latency by Time of Day for July

Australia: Melbourne Results

Chart 3: Melbourne latency for past 3 months

Chart 4: Melbourne, Latency by Time of Day for July

USA Results (Dallas)

Chart 5: Dallas, USA latency for past 3 months

Chart 6: Dallas, USA Latency by Time of Day for July

UK Results

Chart 7: UK latency for past 3 months

Chart 8: UK Latency by Time of Day for July


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