November 2016

Archived reports for November 2016

International Speed - November 2016

International Speed Performance

TrueNet regularly measures the speed between a server in Sydney  and each panelist's probe by downloading a 2MB file, ensuring the file is not held in New Zealand (cached).

The results reported show the Time of Day performance of each named ISP, as a percentage of the advertised speed.

Chart 1: Fibre & Cable Speed  (100Mb/s service speeds)

Websites - November 2016

November 2016

Live Webpage Performance

TrueNet measures the average time taken to download a number of websites in NZ, Australia and the USA.

These charts show the comparison download times from the three countries.  Each vertical bar represents the spread of the results between the median of the maximums and the median of the minimums, with the average of the medians for each group of panelists shown as a darker line across each bar.

Upload - November 2016

November 2016

File Upload Speed on Fibre

Upload speed is important to users sending large amounts of data through the internet, or loading files to the Cloud.  TrueNet's upload test sends a 1MB file to our Wellington server. Historically, upstream traffic has largely been free of contention, but has been changing as Internet usage grows.

For comparison with Singapore including pricing, download, upload and latency performances.

Speed - November 2016

November 2016

Download Speed Performance on Fibre

TrueNet typically takes the best of a pair of Auckland and Wellington download tests to calculate the median NZ results by hour over the month for each monitored connection. We take the average of all median results with each ISP for each hour.  

For comparison with Singapore including pricing, download, upload and latency performances.  NB Singapore only compares 200Mb/s fibre.

NZ Latency - November 2016

November 2016

Latency on Fibre

Latency is the measurement of how long it takes one packet to be sent to one of our test servers in Auckland (APE) or Wellington (WIX), and then returned back to you. This can effectively be thought of as the responsiveness of the connection between your home and our servers on the Internet.

Chart 1: Latency between Fibre connections and Various Sites



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