August, 2015

Webpage Download - August 2015

Webpage Download Time

Responsive website browsing is valued by most Internet users, and conversely, slow-loading sites can be extremely frustrating.

TrueNet tests internet browsing by downloading a selection of Live Webpages from NZ, Australia, and the USA, measuring the time to fully download all files on the page.  These pages are changed from time-to-time. This month there are 7 NZ pages, 4 Australian, and 4 USA pages.

Download Speed - August 2015

Download Speed - August 2015

Speed (File Download Performance)

For TrueNet's speed tests each panelist's probe regularly downloads a 1MB or 2MB file from Auckland, Wellington, Dallas and Sydney.  The faster the connection, the larger the file we need to download to ensure that the maximum speed is reached during our test. 100Mb/s connections easily reach full speed within 2MB of data.  Slower connections can test accurately with much smaller files. Our tests on ADSL can tolerate a file size of just 300k.

Upload Speed - August 2015

Upload Speed for August 2015

Upload Speed - Performance

Upload speed is important to users sending large amounts of data through the internet, or loading files to the Cloud.   TrueNet's upload test sends a 1MB file to our Wellington server, and records the results using a similar method to the download tests, but measured from Wellington only.


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